I used to have a knitting blog over on another site. I failed at it miserably! I neglected it until no one was reading any longer. Having an infant and a toddler will do that to a blog. But, my children are growing up and sleeping through the night (for the most part!) so I have time to update a blog now! So, here I am!

As I say in my About Me page, I am a wife, mom, knitter, spinner, and general crafter. I love creating through crafts. So far, I have attempted (some with decent results, others with not so decent results) sewing, cross stitch, crochet, painting, mosaics, glass etching, fiber dying, spinning and knitting. Out of all of those, I identify myself as a knitter. It is what I do. It is my relaxation and my creative outlet. I love every aspect of it (when I am not hating it.)

I am a talkative person, so many of my posts will reflect that. I do keep a personal family-oriented journal, so I will spare you all the details of my daily life as a stay at home mom. I will focus mainly on current projects, fiber, and anything else I can think of that comes to mind and has to do with fiber pursuits (and you may get some other crafts thrown in there, too!)

So, welcome! Nice to have you here. Please, comment at least once to just make your presence known! There is nothing worse than wondering if you are just blogging to empty space.