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I am not a big list person. I am not one to make lists every day of all the things I have to do. But I do like lists in general, especially to help me keep track of the bigger things I need to do. DH and I currently have a list for home improvements/repairs to do, I have a list of different type of spinning fibers I want to try, I have an ongoing wishlist for books and fiber equipment, and there is my Knit List. Every year for the last 3 years I have kept a list of all of the knitting projects I want to do, organizing it with the projects I have finished (FOs) and my current works in progress (WIPs.)

In the past two years of keeping a list, I have been pleasantly surprised at how many items I have marked off my list by the end of the year. I don’t ever finish my list completely – I can’t knit that fast – but that helps me make my next list. And I do make changes through the year. On my list for this year, I just changed the projects I had originally wanted to make for the kids for Christmas since their tastes have changed. It is not law and it is always fluid, and that is the way I like it. I do have some projects that appear every year. One of these days I will get all of those socks knit that I have been wanting to do! But each year, I do get items marked off, and it feels good. The last two years have each seen 19 FOs. I am not sure I will make that this year, but I will try!

So, here is my list. (Once I figure out exactly how to do it, it will appear in the sidebar.)

Finished (As of 1/1/08)

  1. Socks for me
  2. Soaker for DS
  3. Dishclothes (4)
  4. Purse for me
  5. Crowns for DD & G
  6. Swiffer cover
  7. Sweater for DS
  8. Soaker for DS (large) (denim blue)


  1. Susie Cardigan for me
  2. Soaker for DS (x-large)
  3. Dishcloths (15-20) (completed 10) (Christmas)
  4. Sweater vest for DH

To Knit:

  1. Christmas Stockings for family
  2. Ballet slippers for DD
  3. Stuffed dog for DS (Christmas)
  4. Scarf for me from handspun
  5. Socks for DH
  6. Wrap for Mom (Christmas)
  7. Scarf for FIL (Christmas)
  8. Scarf for MIL (Christmas)
  9. Socks for L (2 pr)
  10. Socks for me
  11. Hat for DS (Christmas)
  12. Hat for DD (Christmas)
  13. Doll for DD (Christmas)
  14. Wrap for K (Christmas)


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OK – I admit it! I am having a MAJOR case of Startitis right now!

I have two BIG projects going right now – the vest for DH and the sweater for me – and all I can do is look at patterns on Ravelry and dream of what project to start next! I want to cast on something else so bad I can taste it!

For my birthday 2 weeks ago, DH made a yarn swift for me. Well, he started it, anyway. He finally finished it yesterday. And that is really fueling this even more! I have several skeins of yarn that are waiting to be put into center-pull balls so I can easily knit them up into gorgeous items to give as Christmas gifts! I have also recently finished 6 dishclothes and 4 scrubbies (part of my Christmas knitting) and I want to do more of those.

But I really need to get stuff done! I am seriously almost finished with the sweater for me. I am at the final set of yolk decreases and then I will begin the hood – and that is it! There will be minimal seaming, just a small amount of joining under the arms, and very few ends to weave in and I will have a finished sweater. But I can’t seem to make myself do it! And I am halfway up the bottom half of the back of DH’s vest and I am looking forward to the armhole shaping, but again, I have to make myself do it!

I know it is just boredom with what I am working on. But I NEED to get these done! OK – maybe I will allow myself one other project? Do you think that would help? Probably not, huh? But it is worth a try!

A heartwarming sight

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My son is 21 months old. He is the light of my life. And he is ALL boy! He is into everything! He loves to pull the needles out of my interchangeable needles, he is fascinated with my spinning wheel, and he LOVES to play in my stitch markers (I frequently have to buy new ones since they go missing after he plays with them!)

The other night, as I nursed him in the quiet and dark of the office, he suddenly sat up and started to go after something on the desk. He has some stuffed animals he likes to cuddle with, plus he also likes to go after odd things to “cuddle” with, like his toothbrush or a plastic spoon. It took him a minute to find what he was after, but once he did, he grabbed it and cuddled with it. I had to laugh. He had chosen a recent skein of purple merino/silk handspun yarn I had just finished up! He nuzzled it (it is so soft that I enjoy nuzzling it myself!)

Purple merino/silk handspun

Two nights later, he went for something else on the desk. This time it was a neckwarmer made of my merino/silk handspun! He has good taste, anyway! He fell asleep cuddling it.

So, for Christmas, he will be getting a knitted stuffed dog (he is currently a HUGE fan of dogs.) Although it won’t be made of merino/silk handpsun, I looked forward to seeing how much cuddling it receives.

And it sure makes this Mama proud that he loves my handspun as much as I do! It may not be perfect, but if it makes my baby boy happy, it makes me happy!