OK – I admit it! I am having a MAJOR case of Startitis right now!

I have two BIG projects going right now – the vest for DH and the sweater for me – and all I can do is look at patterns on Ravelry and dream of what project to start next! I want to cast on something else so bad I can taste it!

For my birthday 2 weeks ago, DH made a yarn swift for me. Well, he started it, anyway. He finally finished it yesterday. And that is really fueling this even more! I have several skeins of yarn that are waiting to be put into center-pull balls so I can easily knit them up into gorgeous items to give as Christmas gifts! I have also recently finished 6 dishclothes and 4 scrubbies (part of my Christmas knitting) and I want to do more of those.

But I really need to get stuff done! I am seriously almost finished with the sweater for me. I am at the final set of yolk decreases and then I will begin the hood – and that is it! There will be minimal seaming, just a small amount of joining under the arms, and very few ends to weave in and I will have a finished sweater. But I can’t seem to make myself do it! And I am halfway up the bottom half of the back of DH’s vest and I am looking forward to the armhole shaping, but again, I have to make myself do it!

I know it is just boredom with what I am working on. But I NEED to get these done! OK – maybe I will allow myself one other project? Do you think that would help? Probably not, huh? But it is worth a try!