I have finally finished my mom’s Christmas wrap!!! I am so relieved and excited to have it done this early. I was seriously dreading even starting it, thinking it would be the only project I would work on for Christmas and every thing else I had planned wouldn’t get done. It was lace and I am not a huge lace fan. But thankfully, out of the 4 patterns I was considering, it seems I picked the simplest and it was done in a flash! It is blocking now, so pictures will be forthcoming.

Since I finished the wrap, I decided to move forward. I had set my Susie Hoodie aside to work on the wrap. It is finally starting to cool off here and I am finally able to even think about knitting with that large pile of wool in my lap again. So, I picked it up two days ago. I just finished the hood increases. I now have 10″ of solid, straight knitting to go (stockinette, thankfully with a cable on each end to save my sanity!) and then the decreases, and it will be finished.

But I am running into a problem. My yarn ball is getting smaller and smaller with every row. It is looking woefully small, in fact. I am quite concerned that I won’t be able to finish the hood with the remaining yarn. I can shorten the hood slightly – I never plan to actually wear it, so a slightly short hood won’t be a huge deal – but I am worried that even that won’t work. I thought I had a small skein left of the yarn (it was a cone of yarn that I wound into skeins) but it appears I have already used that up. The place I bought it – Webs – no longer has it in stock because I bought it as a closeout. I see several people on Ravelry that have it in their stashes, but none have it for sale. My other option would be to contact the three or four people that have used the yarn and completed projects to see if they have any remnants they would be willing to sell me. I run the huge risk of getting a totally different dye lot, and that could be a noticable problem, but not finishing a cable repeat because of not having the yarn would also be a huge problem! I have a swatch somewhere that I can also possible frog, if I can locate it, so I must locate that. Otherwise, I am knitting on a wing and a prayer! Stay tuned to see how this turns out!