I have come to believe that, if you have a hobby, you have a stash. As a knitter, I have a stash of yarn. As a spinner, I have a stash of fiber. As a sewer, I have a stash of fabric. And we won’t even count the libraries of patterns and books that go with those hobbies! I have come to cherish my stashes. If I can’t purchase fiber, yarn or fabric for some time due to money issues or the inability to get to a store, I still have my stash to work from. I have invaded my stash numerous times and I can see a dent, but I always try to find good bargains or a good reason to rebuild it again. (Don’t ask my DH about my stash, though. He thinks I have way too much, but I don’t think there is such a thing as too big of a stash!)

I have been madly working on my Christmas knitting. I am so happy to say that I have completed at least 4 gifts as of today and I have 2 more on my needles in progress. And it was in finishing one of the gifts that I realized a need for a new type of stash: buttons!

As someone who sews a bit, you would think I would have buttons. But I rarely make buttonholes since my machine is cheap and buttonholes are not easy to make on it. As someone who knits sweaters, you would think I would have buttons. But I usually buy buttons specifically for the project, so I don’t have a sweater’s worth of buttons at all. But I think I have changed my mind now. I need to buy more buttons!

I am making a stuffed dog for my son. I have it all done, except the eyes. The pattern calls for either embroidering the eyes, sewing on felt circles or adding buttons. I am choosing buttons, because that is what I like the look of best. I ran to the store the other night and purchased buttons. However, they were the wrong size. So, I looked through my meager stash. Nothing. I plan to raid my mom’s stash this weekend, and if nothing there my grandmother has kindly offered her stash up to me to search. I will find the buttons for this dog, even if I have to buy more.

But the search for the perfect size and shape and color of button has triggered in me my stashing instinct! I have a new idea. There are hundreds of adorable, beautiful or just plain functional buttons at my local fabric store. And honestly, unless I am getting some really outrageous buttons, they are inexpensive (especially compared to yarn, fabric or fiber.) I think I will start building my stash, picking up one or two different types of buttons with each trip I make. For under $5, I can get a really cute set of buttons and a more utilitarian type.

Thankfully, buttons just don’t come from the store. I always save the extras that come with new clothes. But there is another option. Every time I get rid of a piece of clothing (I do donate most things, but some I choose to throw out because of excess wear or stains or whatever) I have learned to snip the buttons off first. It is a great way to add to the stash!

I plan to have fun collecting buttons now! It is an easy, fun way to satisfy the “stash cravings” without breaking the bank. Anyone else have a button stash?