Anyone who has visited my blog will notice that it now looks a bit different, with a new title, too! I think I needed to refocus just a bit on my blog. While knitting is my main passion, I love crafting of all kinds. And lately I have been doing much more non-knitting crafting that I would love to show off. So, since I can do what I want with my blog (LOL!) I decided to refocus a bit and concentrate on crafting in general. So, expect to see more knitting stories, FOs and WIPs, but also expect some sewing, some jewelry making, or whatever else may strike my fancy at the time!

I also need to focus on getting knitting done for Christmas! It was bound to happen, really. I have been knitting for Christmas for months now. I am making progress, which is great. But I am just beginning to get burned out a bit. And the other day, somehow I managed to start link-surfing. You know – click a link on a page, then follow another link to another page and so on and so forth. Wow, the things I found! I was enthralled with the hundreds of incredible ideas for Christmas ornaments and decorations. I have been inspired to create a new garland for our mantel and ornaments for our tree. I went out the other day and bought felt and embroidery thread and some pretty fabric, all with the sole purpose of making holiday decorations! And yes, I will be documenting those as they are done!

So, stay tuned. I have lots to talk about!