Sweater Guilt


I have always loved sweaters. Somewhere I have a collection of sweaters I have gathered over the years. I used to wear a lot of pull-overs, but now I prefer cardigans and I have quite a few of those. For Christmas, my grandmother bought me a gorgeous burnt orange hooded, cabled, zipped cardigan. I love it! It is the perfect color, fits great, and is 100% cotton, so not too hot, especially when chasing after a toddler and a preschooler.

But the guilt associated with sweater! I can’t believe how much guilt I get when I slip it on! Why? Well, I am a Knitter! I could have knit that sweater myself! It would have been easy enough. There is nothing particularly difficult about the pattern. I could probably look at it and come up with a similar pattern myself.

I just have to keep reminding myself that knitting a sweater for me would take a long time. It would cost more (usually) than just buying the sweater when you look at getting a nice yarn. And it is 100% cotton, which is not very stretchy and tends to hurt my hands after a while. So I should be OK with buying some sweaters, right?

Oh, the guilt of being a knitter! I don’t think I will ever be able to buy a pair of knitted mittens, gloves, a scarf or a hat, or even socks without at least feeling a pang of guilt.


Crafting In The New Year


The new year entered with a bit of a bang in my household as we were struck down by a brief but strong episode of the stomach flu. My daughter seems to be the only one spared from illness this time around. For me, knitting came to a halt, but I had a surge of sewing and planning happening during my down time.

I decided early on that I would set a goal for 2009 when it came to my crafting. Looking at my office/work space, I am more than aware of the fact that I have a ton of stash. So, at least for the first 3 months of the year, my goal is to work with what I already own. This means no buying yarn, fiber or fabric unless it is absolutely necessary, and I don’t see what would be that important at this point to require a purchase.

On that note, I want to explore some recycling with my crafting. I have, for some time now, been eyeing a dress I have in my closet. It is one of those sack dresses with a small jacket to wear over it. It is out of fashion now, but the dress is in decent shape and I do like the material. I found a great tutorial online on how to convert a dress like this into yarn to knit or crochet with! The website shows a pattern for a crochet bag, but I am sure a knit bag would be just as easy to accomplish.

Tonight I was on the ball and I was able to recycle two changing table covers to make them into pillowcases. I have a small pillow that I use when I nurse my son and, until now, it has had a pretty flannel pillowcase I made that has hearts and flowers and pink stripes. That doesn’t exactly go with my son’s wild animal themed room in sage, copper, yellow and tan! I had made him some covers for his changing table right after he was born, however, since I couldn’t find anything suitable premade. Well, two years later, he has outgrown the need for the changing table. So, I cut up the old covers and they became pillowcases! And I am going to hold on to the elastic, too, to be used for something later. Very little waste!

I look forward to exploring my left over fabrics and the possibilities contained therein, along with diving into the bottom of my yarn stash to see what hidden gems there may be there. And I really look forward to the money savings for the new year!