I have been absent from posting on my blog for some time now, but I have good reason! I have been very crafty lately! It seems the end of the Christmas rush and the new freedom to create on my own time and with no deadlines or schedules has released a crafty side to me I haven’t seen in some time! I have been sewing, knitting and lots of other things for the past two months and enjoying every moment. It is sure nice not to feel like I HAVE to do something. Oh, and it is also wonderful to craft for myself finally, too! So, here are a few items I have recently made! Enjoy!

First up, a pincushion. The base of this cap from a 2 liter bottle, so they can help with scale. I got the idea and instructions from the book “Pretty Little Pincushions“. This was made with cotton fabric and felt with some embroidery floss holding it together and stuffed with some fiberfill.

On my personal journal, several friends set up a bit of a crafting swap. One of the people I am crafting for is a sewer. So, she is also getting a pincushion. This is made of two pieces of fabric from the same group as the quilting fabric above (I think they are fat eighths?) and embroidery floss. And I am also playing with polymer clay a bit and made the button in the center.

And here is more with the polymer clay – pins to go with the pincushion!

My daughter recieved a Baby Alive for Christmas. One of my biggest issues was that they come with disposable, one time use diapers. And the replacement diapers are ridiculously priced! My children wore cloth diapers, so why not make some cloth diapers for Baby Alive? (This is one of two I made. Very simple – an old terry changing table cover on the inside, flannel on the outside with velcro closure. No elastic needed.)

And what cloth diapered baby wouldn’t be complete without their own wool soaker? This was a pattern I just winged. Knit from Lion Wool.

I finally knitted my daughter the ballet slippers she has been asking for! These are from the Twinkletoes pattern on Knitty.com.

And so you don’t think I only knitted for my daugther, here is a very simple scarf for my son. He had seen us putting scarves on and wanted one, too, so I did this one. It is simple garter stitch with slipped stitches on the edges in Wool-Ease.

Now this knitted gem is a gift for DH. See, he is a long distance runner and, well, the extremities get cold when it is as cold outside as our winter has been. And he has gloves, hats and socks, but, well, something else was needed, so, I had to step in. This is knitted from Queer Joe’s Willy Warmer pattern (with his modifications.)

Now, please excuse the quality of this picture. It is taken in our mirror in the office and I didn’t realize how dirty it was! Ack! But I wanted to show you the skirt I made for myself! I used a gorgeous embroidered fabris I found at JoAnn’s before Christmas and Simplicity pattern #4236. Love the way this turned out!

One day, my son got upset because my daughter was getting all dressed up in her tutu. I decided he needed something all his own. So, with a few moments to spare and some fabric, he got a little superhero cape! I just winged the pattern. The only thing I would do differently next time would be to make the neck a bit more rounded so it would lay better. I plan to add a big black letter to the back for his name eventually, but he wouldn’t take it off after I tried it on him! (Excuse his messy hair, please! He just woke from a nap!)

And finally, socks! These are for my best friend as part of a deal we made. Last summer she sent some fruit from Florida and I promised her some socks. This is the first pair. It took me forever to find just the right pattern, but I love the way these turned out! I am planning to dye yarn for the second pair and they will be more solid in color, so it should be easier to find a pattern I like. These are made from Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock in amythest (although this is a mill end I got from Jimmy Bean’s Wool.) The pattern is the Anastasia Sock from Pepperknit. Simple, easy to memorize pattern and fun to do!

Now, if you can believe it, all of that was crafted in January and February! I also realized I don’t have pictures of several other projects (some Christmas decorations for next year) and I have finished one of a pair of fingertip gloves for myself and haven’t photographed this yet, either! Oh, and I also made some clothes for my daugther’s doll, too! I will get pics of those eventually! Plus I have an iPod cozy on the needles that I cast on today. So, yea, it has been a very productive year so far!