I remember back to when I was first learning to sew. I would make skirts and shirts for my Barbies with scraps of fabric and needle and thread. I realize now I was lucky to have a mom that did some sewing because she had the tools I needed to take those first few tentative steps into sewing. She also had a Singer sewing machine in a cabinet that she bought in the early 70’s with her own money (my sister still has that machine and the cabinet, too) but I didn’t use it until I was much more comfortable with sewing.

Eventually I moved on to sewing machines and making more complex items. I would occassionally hand sew something, but usually hated doing so. It was efficient, neat or easy compared to the sewing machine. I tried to avoid hand sewing as much as possible, unless it was to sew on a button.

This winter, I received a gorgeous new sewing machine – a Singer 7470 Confidence. It was a HUGE upgrade over my old machine that could only sew straight or zigzag stitches. My dear husband bought it for me as a Mother’s Day/Birthday/Christmas gift and I LOVE it! I used it for a ton of stuff, wanting to turn it on nearly every day. It was so easy to thread, so smooth and quiet and so fast, too.

But something strange happened around the time I got my machine. I made a shirt for my brother and one of the very last steps was doing some hand stitching on the collar to close it up. It required tiny little stitches that needed to end up being invisible. And through those little tiny stitches, I found a love for hand stitching. I have since moved on to sewing plushies or softies and other items that don’t require such intricate stitching, but I still love it.

See, I think hand sewing is a lot like knitting. It is rythmical. The push then pull of the needle and thread through the material, the repetitive motion, the tiny stitches and the slow but sure progress that comes with hand sewing are so satisfying to me.  I find myself addicted to sitting down with a piece of fabric or two and a needle and thread and sewing away. So much so that I have even taken a hiatus from knitting for a few weeks now! I never thought I would see the day something took over my time knitting!

So, if you see more hand stitching for a time, that would be why. I still have lots of knitting projects planned and my sewing machine has not been neglected. In fact, I just finished a second fabric basket on the machine. I just need to hand stitch up the turning hole and it will be complete and ready for blogging. So, bear with me as I indulge my current hand stitching fascination.