I am still around! I find myself often thinking about posting, composing posts in my head, but often I can’t sit at the computer for long enough to write a well thought out post. But I want to post, so I am taking the time tonight. Unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures of recently completed projects since I am on a different computer, but I still wanted to update on what has been happening for me, craft-wise.

I am finding this year, for the first time, that my crafting has changed as the seasons have changed. While in years past, I have been a knitter most of the year, this year I have drifted from knitting. In fact, I can barely remember the last project I picked up on knitting needles. Perhaps that is because of the change in weather, but I also think that has to do with my own self-imposed yarn buying freeze. I have tons of yarn for tons of projects, but none are inspiring me at this point. I have several projects I would love to work on now – sweaters for the kids and one for myself – but they would require a yarn purchase. So, knitting has taken a backseat for now. I do love it so, so it won’t be always on the back burner, though!

I have been spinning lately, though. In fact, I just spun up 8 ozs of a beautiful multicover Romney roving I purchased last fall at The Wool Gathering. The woman who sold it to me (from Per Ardua Farm) told me that the mill had made a mistake when they processed it and combined a brown and a white fleece, instead of keeping them seperate. I loved the way it turned out! It appears almost cabled with white and brown in the same strand making it seem as if it were plied that way, then plied with another strand. I will get pictures soon. This was my first time spinning Romney and I don’t know if it was the wool itself or the processing or what, but it practically spun itself (as long as my wheel was behaving!) I have lots more fiber to spin since my sweet husband bought me 2 lbs of Ashland Bay Falkland to try out. And we won’t even mention the alpaca, merino and llama I also have, along with several other types I have to choose from! I won’t be running out of spinning fiber anytime soon at this rate!

I have also spent time sewing. Although it is almost too warm in the office/sewing room to sew for long periods of time right now, I still find myself drawn to the sewing machine. I am experimenting with making a quilted wallet out of a few charms from a charm pack I bought last year. I also just completed two sun hats today for the kids. I will definitely get pictures and details soon.

And I have lots of other crafts calling my name, too. I purchased some glass tiles and some Diamond Glaze from a store at Etsy (more details coming) to make pendant necklaces. I will eventually be making some with pictures of the kids for my mom for her birthday and probably one for my sister for her birthday as well. I have also been doing some crafts wtih the kids, including making prints for Mother’s Day cards and marbelling paper. I have several other crafts on my list to try with the kids, including some felt making. And although it technically doesn’t fall under the crafting category, I have been working in the yard, improving the look of the house, planting flowers and doing some landscaping. There is definitely creativity at work there!

So, while I may seem to be silent, crafting has continued. I would like to post more about some favorite sites for inspiration, some ideas for future projects and of course some finished objects in the future. Hopefully you will see more from me very soon!