It is officially summer, both on the calendar and on the thermometer. We have been in the mid-80’s pretty consistently here in central Ohio and the humidity is going up and up, making it more and more uncomfortable to be outside. We have the air conditioner on in our home, but to save some energy and money, we have it set a bit high, so it is still pretty warm in the house. As a result, anything that requires a lap-full of fiber has been put away for now.

Instead of knitting or hand sewing items, I have turned to using my new sewing machine! I have been sewing up a storm lately and loving it! I thought I would share a few completed items with you!

I love sewing for my kids! So, I decided they needed some sun hats to keep the sun off their faces. I found a tutorial for a reversible sun hat on Craftstylish and thought it was just what they needed! I had a fat quarter that I knew would suit each kid, plus some other material already in my stash. These were fast and easy. I think I made both in the same night!

Here is my son’s. His was done first and I think I measured his head a bit wrong. I found that it was a bit snug when he put it on. I measured my daughter’s head a bit differently (instead of flat around the head right above the ears like I did with my son, I measured from the bottom of her hair line, over her ears and onto her forehead) and the fit was a bit better, but my son still likes his hat!


Front view

Front view



I don’t have a decent picture of the inside of the hat. My daughter was a bit easier to photograph. Here they are together. The other side of my son’s hat is a dog print. My daughter has a pink floral print since she adores pink.Hats together

And the other side of my daughter’s hat. I decided to sew two pink buttons, one on each side of the hat at the top to help hold the hat together as it was flipped and also to give it a really cute touch. I also made her brim flare out a bit more and it gave it a very nice wavy look.IMG_2294

And I didn’t forget to sew for myself, either! Now, yes, I know these are both from the same material! But I had a TON of it (I hate to admit it, but I bought it for curtains and a bed-skirt for my room and had a ton left over! It is a nice linen blend, so it makes lovely clothing, too!) And yes, I know I also need to iron them!

A shirt for me. I used McCall’s 5388 and it turned out well. I would like to do this pattern again, possibly in the tank version (minus the ruffles) and in a lighter fabric. Please pardon the terrible shot. I am not good at self portraits and our mirror was a bit dirty!IMG_2310IMG_2311

And this is my new love! I would wear this every day if I could! I have since bought more fabric to make another. I used a tutorial for the wrap skirt at Home Grown. This was easy to understand and turned out great! Again, sorry for the crappy image!  IMG_2320

And then I did more sewing! Yep, I was busy! Several months ago, I saw a tutorial for cute fabric baskets on Pink Penguin. I happened to have a charm pack of fabric I bought last June and was still trying to decide what to do with it. I decided it would be perfect for the baskets! I didn’t want to waste much fabric, so I cut them in quarters, which made them a bit bigger than the tutorial called for. I ended up with a rectangular basket. Unfortunately, I didn’t have batting at the time, so I used several layers of flannel, but they aren’t all that stable when they are empty. But, I keep fabric and yarn in them currently and they are great! I plan to make some square ones eventually. I made two different baskets – one featuring the red fabrics and the other the pinks.Pink fabrics

Red fabricsI LOVE these fabrics and wanted to showcase them somehow, and this was perfect. The bottom & lining was left over from the pillow I made my Mother-in-law for Christmas. It is a nice, sturdy fabric and helped give them some stability.

And finally, one of my favorite projects! I fell in love with this project when I saw it on the Sew, Mama, Sew blog. And it was a free download, too! I pulled out some fabrics from my stash and some fat quarters I had on hand and went to town. I LOVED the way it came out! I have a small pincushion I made some time ago that I keep with my hand sewing stuff, but didn’t have a decent pin cushion with my sewing machine. This is wonderful! The scrap bag actually can attach to the front of the cushion with a loop that hangs down, using the green button on the inside of the bag. There are also three pockets just right for a seam ripper, small sewing gauge, and fabric markers.IMG_2297
Well, I think that about brings me up to date on my sewing projects! I still have more to show, though! Next up, socks and pendants. Stay tuned!