All year long, I have been making little items here and there to decorate our home for Christmas. I have wanted to redo our mantel at Christmas and this year, I plan to finally do it! It will be done in green, ivory and gold with some handmade items front and center. I am also tentatively planning to make some sort of Advent calendar for us to enjoy this year, but that is still in the early planning stages. I haven’t even decided on the craft I will use to make it!

Aside from decorating my home, I am finally getting down to planning my crafting for Christmas gifts. In years past, I have knitted and sewn for many of my family members. I usually start planning early on in the year and have my yarn or other supplies purchased as far out as June. But I am getting a slow start this year. I am having a hard time even deciding what to make for whom.

So far, my Christmas crafting list is pretty limited. The kids will each get a handmade doll from the Olive & Archie pattern from WeeWonderfuls. I just downloaded it and purchased some of the fabrics needed today and many of the fabrics will actually come from my stash. Both kids will get the traditional PJs from me – probably something Cars for the little guy and Princesses for the girl. I am also thinking of trying my hand at quilts for the kids, too.  My husband will be getting a pair of sleep pants. I also hope to finally tackle his sweater vest! I purchased the yarn for it two years ago! I am guessing he has given up all hopes of having that vest! LOL! We normally only give portraits to my grandparents, but I think this year I will be gifting them with some items. I am thinking Grandma will get some new knitted dishcloths (so she can have a set here and a set in Florida) and possibly even a quilted can cozy. Grandpa is getting one of my favorite items – a knit armadillo! (When they were in FL last, they visted a farm with lots of animals. They sat down to eat lunch at a picnic table and an armadillo walked up and rubbed it’s nose on his shoe!)  Now, my mom is a difficult one. I have made her hats, scarves, a wrap and mittens. She is pretty well decked out in hand knits. She did see a sweater she liked at our state fair and mentioned me making one (it is similar to this one) but I am not sure if that is the direction I will go our not. I have another idea floating around in my head that would be a gift to her and her husband. I am not quite ready to reveal that project to anyone just yet, simply because I have no clue if I can make it work.

So, planning is coming along. I just printed out the pattern for the dolls for the kids, so I am looking forward to getting moving on that. I want to make all of the accessories (sleepings bags, backpacks, snowsuits, overalls, knit items, etc) and place them in a nice shoebox (probably wrapped in fabric) to present them to the kids.

Do you have Christmas items planned out already?