I’ve spent the last two months or so in a bit of a fog. Too much going on, not enough time. Getting my daughter used to school, adjusting to the new schedule, celebrating birthdays, a visit from an old friend, preparing for the holidays and being sick all took up most of my time and energy. But, I have made some time for a bit of crafting! There is always time for that!

I don’t have many pictures to share right now, but I will show one thing I am pretty proud of! I have decided that I want to make Halloween costumes for the kids as many years as possible. So, this year I asked the kids what they wanted to be. My dear son immediately said he wanted to be a puppy. He was a puppy last year! Thankfully, he was just fine with wearing the same costume and it still (barely) fit! So, that saved me some time. And that was a good thing!

My daughter could not decide what she wanted to be. First it was a butterfly. Then Snow White. Then a black cat. Finally it was Snow White again. It was three weeks before Halloween by the time she decided. I thought about taking the easy way out and buying a costume, but they were all cheap looking and at least $30! For that amount, I could buy the material and hopefully give her a quality costume!

Materials were purchased during the Columbus Day sale at JoAnn’s, saving me some money. And you can not beat their 99 cent pattern sales, either! I started on the costume slowly, figuring I had almost 3 weeks. And then the invitation to the Halloween party came in the mail – for that weekend! At that point, my sewing went into overdrive! I sewed as often as possible. There was some hand sewing involved, which was a great way to get stuff done after everyone was in bed. I sewed instead of cooked dinner. I sewed instead of doing laundry. And I even kept sewing after sewing through my finger! Yep, I managed to get my left pointer finger under the needle and the needle, still threaded, pierced my finger. Once I removed the needle from the machine, I figure out there was both and entry and an exit wound! Thankfully I was sewing on the red patches on the sleeve and the drop of blood I got on it didn’t show up!

Finally, right before the Halloween party, I finished the costume! And can I just say I think it was the best Snow White costume I have ever seen? My daughter has her hair cut short, so, with the headband (I covered it and added the bow) she was a perfect Snow White! We added some sparkly red shoes, a pair of tights and a turtleneck for the cool October weather and she was good to go!

The costume included the dress, a removable collar, a cape and the headband. This was my first experience with piping, which was pretty easy. I also used the invisible hem feature with the special foot on my machine for the first time! Overall, I am very pleased with how it turned out. Here is a picture, including my little puppy in his costume from last year! It has held up pretty well! You can see it is a bit small on him, but he insisted!

I have been busy with Christmas crafting lately. I will be posting more as I finish up some items and take some photos. Lots to do and lots to come! Stay tuned!