While I have numerous Christmas-themed projects going on this year, I had one large project during the month of November.

We never had an Advent Calendar growing up. For the last few years, we had a relative send us one of those paper ones with the doors that open and reveal some random Christmasy themed picture. It was fun for the first few days, until the kids got bored with it and it was forgotten for days or weeks at a time.

I had been browsing websites prior to the Christmas season and found numerous examples of amazing Advent calendars. I loved them all and they inspired me to finally make my own. I thought about making little stockings or mittens to hang across the mantle, but then I realized I did not want to mess with coming up with something to give the kids each and every day for 24 days! With two kids, that could potentially get expensive! I thought about using the activity idea – a slip of paper with an activity like taking a drive to see lights, visit Santa, read a Christmas book, etc – but really, my kids are just a bit too young to get excited about some of that stuff.

Finally I came up with the idea of a Christmas tree with ornaments. I had seen several Chrismtas tree Advent calendars (loved this one, particularly) so I decided to make my own. I had seen one somewhere (can’t find it now) I loved that used ornaments that hung on the tree with buttons to hold them on, so that is the direction I went. Over many evenings in November, I created the ornaments to go on our tree, then put together the tree, embroidered the numbers on the pockets and sewed them on. I decided to take the “easy way out” and used craft glue instead of sewing all of the ornaments, so that saves some time.

So, here is what I ended up with:

Undecorated. Sorry it is so blurry!

Decorated with all of the ornaments!

I think it may still feel a bit unfinished. I am thinking it may need a border of some sort, but I will worry about that after Christmas. I did assign the “lights” for pocket #1 and the star on the top will always be in pocket #24, but other than that, I will place the ornaments randombly. For now, the kids are loving pulling out another ornament and finding a spot on the tree.