Well, the Christmas celebrations are nearly over for our family, with the exception of a visit with my father-in-law after the New Year. It was an incredible Christmas, with Santa bringing us everything we wanted! I spent many hours preparing for the holidays, from decorating to baking to shopping to crafting gifts. I LOVE Christmas, but I was exhausted by the time Christmas evening came around!

I had big plans for Christmas crafting this year – as I do every year – but it didn’t all happen. And really, that was OK. The quilts for the kids are unfinished and my husband didn’t get his gloves. The felt food I have been working on wasn’t completed in time, either. So, it looks like there will be some other surprises in the near future and I am going to enjoy working on them in my own time frame, instead of with the Christmas deadline fast approaching.

I did get quite a bit done. My kids, my sister and my mom all were recipients of handmade gifts. I did a good mixture of knitting and sewing this year. I like the balance since it kept me from getting bored with one craft or another.

So, I thought I would show you one of the gifts I completed now, then come back for the others later, since it is getting quite late. My daughter LOVES dolls. This is apparent the moment you walk in our home. There are dolls of all shapes, sizes and abilities scattered through the house. She has dolls that talk, cry, sneeze, take medicine, drink from a bottle, pee, and numerous other things. But she also has – and loves – dolls that are simple and plain. They are the best for squeezing when you need a hug, for sleeping with at night and for carrying around with you. And while my son is all boy, he loves dolls, too. He has a few dolls that he loves and carries around with him as his security blanket. Being three, he hasn’t learned that dolls are for girls – and we don’t plan to teach him that, either! He is a pretty good “mommy” to his dolls, actually!

When I saw the pattern for Olive& Archie on the Wee Wonderfuls blog (one of my favorites!) I knew I had to make them! I purchased the pattern, which I thought was a great deal, and got to creating! The fun thing about Olive and Archie is that the materials can be really personalized and you can use your stash since most of it only uses smaller amounts. I think I bought a few fat quarters, some wool felt and some remnants to round out my stash and it really didn’t cost me much at all for these cuties! The pattern includes both dolls, sleeping bags, backpacks, snowsuits, felted sweater outwear, a cat, overalls, a jumper, a knitted jumper and kerchief, and a knitted sweater vest. I only got one cat made, so the kids haven’t received those yet and I didn’t get the sweaters to make the felted sweater outerwear, but they got everything else. I don’t have pictures of the accessories as of now, but plan to get them soon. But, here are the little cuties:

(Click to make the pictures bigger!)

You can see the backpacks, the knit outfits (yes, Archie’s vest is huge on him!) and the jumper and overalls. I am missing pictures of the sleeping bags and the snowsuits right now.

I am really proud of these two. The patterns were so easy to work with, you can print them on your home printer and they were fun to assemble. My daughter loved Olive. My son hasn’t warmed up to Archie just yet, but I am sure he will in a few weeks time. He usually ignores stuff like that for a time, then decides he can’t be separated from it for months!

I will be back with more Christmas gifts soon! I promise!