It is so hard to believe that we are heading into March! Where has this year gone already?

I can say I haven’t been around much because of being busy, but really, I am not. I just haven’t had any good craftiness that I can share with you, until now. I am being crafty, but I am also in the middle of some larger projects and sharing pictures of half knitted sweaters or half sewn curtains are not my idea of good blog fodder.

But did you catch that? I have a finished object!!! Finally!

Last year, I knitted each of my kids a sweater. My daughter’s was less than stellar, but my son wore his constantly. It helped that it had an orange stripe across it – orange is his favorite color – and it had a hood. He insisted on wearing that sweater this fall, too, even though it was getting too short and it looked ridiculous when he put the hood up. I planned to knit the kids new sweaters, trying to have them done for spring so they would have something to wear on the days it wasn’t quite warm enough to go without another layer, yet too warm for coats. I ordered the yarn some time ago, but put off all of the knitting until I was through with Christmas knitting. I finally picked up the yarn for my son’s sweater a few months ago and started working. I finished it up, adding snaps and buttons (more in a moment on that) a few weeks ago. I want to add pockets, but those can wait and he is very happy with the sweater as is for now.

I used the Childhood pattern from Knitty in the 3-4 year size. It fits my boy great, although I worry it will be too short by the fall! However, the garter band on the bottom may make it easier to add some length by picking up stitches, so I will be holding on to that idea. I used Knitpicks Wool Of The Andes in chocolate and orange. This pattern was simple and fast knitting. Having all of the stripes made it easy to count and seemed to make it fast moving, and the best part was that, because I was able to just hold the yarn up the sides, there weren’t a ton of ends to weave in! As the pattern suggests, I decided to use snaps to make it easier to put on and take off, plus I didn’t want to mess with button holes. However, I already had some puppy buttons in my stash that my son adored, so I sewed those on top of the snaps to add some interest and detail to the sweater. Here is my son’s new sweater!

In other crafty news, I have been bitten by the sewing bug again. I think it is in reaction to Christmas knitting, although I didn’t do as much this year as I have in the past. In January, I volunteered to help sew pillows for my daughter’s school. Every year they sew pillows (the kids stuff and sew them closed and the parents sew the actual pillows) and donate them to Children’s Hospital. I ended up sewing two dozen of the 499 pillows made. They were definitely interesting since they were patchwork pillows made from donated fabrics. Definitely not my taste, but OK for little kids, I guess! I received a bag with strips of squares already sewn together. I had to join four strips into the front of the pillow then sew on the back. Easy enough. Here are some examples (the larger squares are the backs):

I also returned to the quilts I started for the kids. I had intended them to be for Christmas, but they obviously didn’t happen. I now have my daughter’s quilted and only the binding is left. My son’s has been assembled and the quilt sandwich has been pinned together, but I need to quilt it next. Both are large (they cover the top of my California King bed) and made with flannel, so they are rather bulky, but oh so cozy!!! I can’t wait to see them finished – if I can get over my fear of binding them! I know once I do it I will be fine, but cutting the fabric to make the binding and getting the quilt squared has me a bit nervous! Once I get them done, I will certainly post pictures, along with the new body pillow cover and small pillow case I made for my son. I also am planning to make a quick and easy valance for his room. It is finally time to upgrade him from baby room to big boy room (even though I am not ready yet!!!) and he chose Cars as his theme. So, he will be getting a black and white check valance.

Oh, and one more thing. I failed miserably at my first attempt at the Knitting Olympics. Not only will I not metal, I won’t be asked to compete again, I am afraid! I decided to pick up a sweater vest I promised my husband many Christmases ago. I got the front started (not-quite argyle) and it was going well, but I became overwhelmed when I realized I needed to knit 18 rows a night to get it done – after knitting for 2 hours and only getting 10 rows completed. However, now that it is started, it will be added to my WIP bin and hopefully I can complete it in the near future. But first, I have to knit my daughter a sweater!