Knit List 2008

Finished (As of 1/1/08)

  1. Socks for me
  2. Soaker for DS
  3. Dishclothes (4)
  4. Purse for me
  5. Crowns for DD & G
  6. Swiffer cover
  7. Sweater for DS
  8. Soaker for DS (large) (denim blue)
  9. Wrap for Mom (Christmas)
  10. Soaker for DS (x-large)
  11. Wrap for K (Christmas)
  12. Stuffed dog for DS (Christmas)
  13. Scarf for FIL (Christmas)
  14. Susie Cardigan for me
  15. Scarf for MIL (Christmas)
  16. Hat for DS (Christmas)
  17. Hat for DD (Christmas)
  18. Socks for Grandpa (Christmas)
  19. Dishcloths (15) (Christmas)
  20. Pillow for MIL
  21. Ornaments for preschool teachers
  22. Doll for DD (Christmas)


    1. Doll clothes for doll
    2. Sweater vest for DH

    To Knit:

    1. Christmas Stockings for family
    2. Ballet slippers for DD
    3. Scarf for me from handspun
    4. Socks for L (2 pr)
    5. Socks for me
    6. Fingerless gloves for me
    7. Fingerless gloves for Jack

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