Knit List 2009

Finished (As of 1/1/09)

  1. Willy Warmer
  2. Doll Soaker
  3. Scarf  for J.
  4. Ballet slippers for T*
  5. Fingerless Mitts for me
  6. Socks for L
  7. Ipod sock for B
  8. Socks for J
  9. Mittens for J
  10. Socks for me
  11. Dishcloths for me (3)
  12. Mittens for T
  13. Scarf for me
  14. Sweater for mom
  15. Socks for K


  1. Doll clothes for T (hibernating)
  2. Sweater vest for B*(hibernating)
  3. Sweater for J

To Knit:

  1. Christmas Stockings for family (4)
  2. Socks for L*
  3. Sweater for T
  4. Hat for me (?)

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